Because of its modern design, WFT 13 is a universal boring and milling machine that allows efficient processing of large and heavy workpieces while utilizing high precision and quality of operation.
FERMAT WFC 10, 11 and 13 CNC
Table Type Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine WFC CNC is a new type of the machine, which is built on a sliding guiding.
The main feature is a Modular Concept that allows great production variability and rapid setup through the use of Peripheral Tools and Accessories.
FERMAT WRFT 130, 150 and 160 CNC
The WRFT 130 includes Heidenhain controls and a rotary table, operates on 6 axes (X, Y, Z, V, W, and B), and has a 5-inch spindle.

Welcome to TOS AMERICA

TOS AMERICA INC is the exclusive Canadian importer (exclusive of Quebec) of FERMAT boring mills (including horizontal and vertical boring mills), used TOS Boring Mills, and equipment from FERMAT Machinery in the Czech Republic. With over 4 decades of experience in the industry, TOS America provides expert customer service to complement this fine, cutting-edge European machine tool technology.

We offer a large selection of used TOS boring mills, as well as grinding machines, refurbishing services and spare parts to match your model. If you have questions about any of our machinery, TOS boring mills parts, or services, feel free to contact us today!