3 Common Types of Horizontal Boring Mills

3 Common Types of Horizontal Boring Mills


Otherwise known as horizontal boring, drilling, and milling machines, horizontal boring mills play a pivotal role in fabrication processes that require larger work pieces. They are especially indispensable for machining large castings and welded components.


Unlike their vertical boring mill counterpart, the work piece in horizontal mills remain stationary as the tool piece turns. Horizontal mills are chosen for their versatility in performing a variety of operations on many different types of work pieces.


Horizontal boring mills can be further sub-categorized into three basic types: the table type, the planer type, and the floor type.


The Table Type


Table types are the most commonly used horizontal mill. The fundamental components of the table type mill are the base, saddle, table, end support column, headstock column, headstock, and the spindle. Each of these components work in tandem to operate, with the table component being able to move in multiple directions. The machine makes cuts by using the face milling cutter and feeding the headstock vertically.


The Planer Type


In contrast to table types, the table component of the planer horizontal mill is only able to move perpendicular to the spindle axis. Planer type mills are suitable for machining applications that require excellent rigidity.


The Floor Type


Floor types are defined by their heavy floor plates found at the base of the machine, which clamp down the work piece. Floor types are designed to machine very large, and heavy work pieces which are impractical to work with on a table. In floor type horizontal mills, the headstock column sits on a slide that feeds perpendicular to the axis of the spindle.


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