3 Industrial Uses of Boring Mills

3 Industrial Uses of Boring Mills

 The use of boring equipment is at the core of many heavy industrial uses. From metal fabrication applications, automotive manufacturing, and real estate construction – there’s no questioning the essential role boring mills play in developing the world around us.


Used primarily for applications that require the finishing of internal surfaces, drilling and enlarging holes – boring equipment also offer a range of benefits. They are able to effectively handle and process large work pieces, are capable of minimizing deviation of the machining process, and hold a reputation for reliability over the course of its useful life.


Today we’ll discuss 3 industries that rely on long-term or short-term use of boring mills.


Metal Fabricators


Metal fabrication services are required across a range of industries. Large scale projects will typically require industrial-sized processing – which is where boring equipment comes into play. Vertical and horizontal boring equipment are used to suit the unique needs of diverse projects.

FERMAT's WFT 13 CNC Horizontal Boring Mill is well suited for metal fabrication applications due to its ability to process heavy and dense work pieces with a larger degree of precision.


Automotive Manufacturing


Automotive manufacturing operations require consistency in precision, efficiency, and reliability – which is why it is essential for manufacturing companies to invest in top-quality boring equipment. FERMAT’s line of horizontal boring equipment can effectively upgrade the efficiency and productivity of mass production.


Real Estate Construction


Structural steel drilling necessitates the use of industrial-scale boring equipment. Whether contractor, real estate developer, or construction worker – it’s important that all work is conducted with quality equipment that is fully capable of getting the job done as effectively and efficiently as possible.


Are you looking to purchase high-quality boring equipment?


TOS America offers the latest in vertical and horizontal boring equipment by industry leader FERMAT. With over five decades of experience in the boring equipment industry, you can rest assured knowing we are fully capable of assessing your unique needs and finding a quality solution you can rely on. Call TOS America today for all your boring equipment needs – we’d be happy to help!

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