4 Convincing Reasons It's Time to Upgrade to Fermat Horizontal Boring Mills This New Year

4 Convincing Reasons It's Time to Upgrade to Fermat Horizontal Boring Mills This New Year


Fermat horizontal boring mills are still the talk of many metal fabricating centres and machine shops worldwide. Because of their excellent workmanship and precision results, Fermat machines are sought by many companies.


If you're looking to upgrade your equipment, consider having Fermat machines as replacements.


A Century of Workmanship and Experience


Fermat boring mills are made with decades of experience and have established tried-and-proven manufacturing methods of quality. The first Fermat manufacturers committed their best practices and dedication to exceptional manufacturing quality in 1902. Today, they continue to improve these practices to ensure consistent equipment quality using skilled professionals with decades of collective experience and knowledge.

Guaranteed High Level Machine Quality and Precision


Horizontal boring mills work through the entire day of operations. They're fully maximized and capable of handling tasks that require excellent accuracy and precision output each time. With Fermat machines, daily maintenance ensures the consistency of work quality. Furthermore, with reliable distributors and maintenance services such as us at TOS America, you won't have much problems when it comes to repairs and replacements because we directly supply and service Fermat machinery.

Renowned for Long-Term Performance and Durability


Using high-quality parts sourced from the finest Czech raw material suppliers, Fermat only manufactures and assembles the best machines available. For example, the Fermat WFT 14 CNC horizontal boring mills can process large quantities of workpieces. Thanks to well-made computer numerical controls (CNC), this mill ensures the consistent precision production of parts of any size.

A Great Number of Distributors and Servicing Centres Worldwide


In Canada, you can find numerous distributors and service centres with professional technicians that can service your Fermat equipment quickly. Distributors such as us at TOS America can service your units and repair or replace them to minimize operational disruptions.

Get a Fermat Machine from Certified and Reliable Distributors


TOS America has supplied Fermat machines for many industries across Ontario for decades. Learn more about having your new Fermat machine by contacting us today!

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