4 Critical Signs Your Boring Mills Need Replacing Soon

September 16, 2020

Even the best boring mills, such as FERMAT-brand mills, will wear and tear over time, taking a hit to performance. You can avoid dealing with machine breakdowns causing delays and logistical problems by anticipating the right time to invest in a new boring mill.


Here are four signs that can help you determine when to replace your boring mills:


Loose Boring Head

Boring mills use a cutter or boring head that mounts cutters, which will machine holes into materials. These have large and small adjustment dials that help your workers make the most accurate holes possible. Unfortunately, a loose boring head can be troublesome and cause inaccurate results. If consistent repairs aren't working, it's likely time to replace your boring head with new parts. 


Consistently Misaligned Table

The table plays a massive role in all boring machines, making it one of the most essential and frequently-replaced parts of the machine. If its misalignment continues even after performing maintenance, it's probably time to replace it. Misalignment is a clear sign that the machine is suffering through extensive wear and tear.


Poor Headstock Locking

A boring machine's headstock adjusts vertically on the column, which allows the drills to home into the workpiece and creates efficient results. If it's locking poorly, you can't replace it. Headstocks are significantly expensive, which makes it more viable to own a new boring mill instead. 


Inaccurate Boring Bars

Virtually every boring operation uses boring bars to mount tools. Without them, there can be significant deviations in your drilling process. If you're having trouble readjusting and aligning your boring bars, a replacement is highly advisable to resolve the issue.


Technicians from TOS America can inspect your boring machines for possible damages and advise you on possible repairs or replacements. Additionally, TOS America can supply you with the best FERMAT machines to replace your old ones. Contact us today to learn more.