4 Crucial Areas for Proper Horizontal Boring Equipment Maintenance

4 Crucial Areas for Proper Horizontal Boring Equipment Maintenance

Horizontal boring equipment is a cornerstone of metal fabrication and parts manufacturing. With its exceptional precision and accuracy, machinists wouldn’t be able to perform competitively with poorly-made machines.

However, top-tier tools need the best maintenance routines. Here are four critical areas that should be regularly maintained:


Clean Everything

As with every horizontal boring equipment and machine, you'll want to clean its external surface areas to prevent rusting and caking of dirt. You can use a damp cloth to clean every exposed screw, light bar, handle, nut, and other areas. This will keep your equipment clean and in good condition.

Check The Spindle Box and Feed Gearbox

The spindle and gear feed box houses the horizontal boring equipment's torque delivery system. It requires a proper filter and oil tank. Your maintenance team should check its balance hammer wire rope and ensure that it is fastened properly. Lastly, the team should also clean the disc chute and adjust the insert bar. 

Table and Guide Mechanisms

The boring machine's table locks and keeps working materials on a level plane for accurate drilling. It's vital to keep the work table cleaned up properly. The maintenance team should check the iron and insert clearance of the work table and guide rail as well as wipe down the entire table for external cleaning. 

Lubrication System

All mechanical machines require proper lubrication to avoid destructive and lifespan-shortening friction. By cleaning the cooling pump and box, you can extend any boring machine's lifespan. Furthermore, clean the filter to make sure the lubricating oil cup has no sediments that can wear your machine down and degrade its performance.

Get Only The Best Replacements For Machines Beyond Repair

If you have machines beyond maintenance or repairs, you can count on TOS America to supply you with high-quality FERMAT boring mill replacements. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can achieve with you.

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