4 Crucial Design Factors for the Best Boring Milling Machines

4 Crucial Design Factors for the Best Boring Milling Machines

Low vibration and low risk of misalignment while offering exceptional precision and operation stability is critical to all high-quality boring milling machines. However, achieving these design factors requires manufacturers to have decades of engineering and knowledge in manufacturing.     


In designing boring milling machines, the best manufacturers consider the following aspects:


Insert Geometry

All inserts must avoid friction, which heats up and creates unwanted artefacts as well as physical damage to the workpiece. In addition, insert geometry ensures the edge can effectively drill inside workpiece panels, minimising unwanted workpiece warping. To achieve this, maintenance teams must frequently sharpen boring tools.


Cutting Forces

Vibration is the main enemy of a boring milling machine's cutting forces. A well-designed boring machine must have zero vibration, especially once tangent and radial forces push the drill bit down to cut the necessary holes. All manufacturers make sure to minimise tool overhang to achieve the best stability, accuracy, and vibration reduction.


Lead Angle

To lead the cutting force, the right angle is necessary. Therefore, engineers take great pains and time to make sure boring milling machines have the right lead angle that guarantees an optimal cut or bored hole. Small lead angles produce large axial cutting forces, while large angles create large radial cutting forces. These two factors play a critical role in guaranteeing boring machine capability.


Nose Radius

The boring machine's nose radius determines the cutting force distribution. A bigger nose radius creates better radial and tangent cutting forces. Alternatively, a smaller nose radius determines bigger radial cutting forces. Depending on the boring milling machine's specialisation, designers will make its nose radius bigger or smaller.


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