4 Helpful Alignment Tips for Boring Milling Machines

4 Helpful Alignment Tips for Boring Milling Machines

Your boring milling machines are only efficient if they have proper alignment. Unfortunately, even the best-manufactured boring milling machines can wear and tear over time, affecting their alignment.


In today’s blog, we share some quick tips on how to find the perfect alignment for your boring milling machines.


Centreline Alignment

When the rotating spindle, chuck, and workpiece holder do not achieve alignment, you have a centreline alignment issue. Sometimes, operators can nail the adjustment with a few machine movements. If the problem persists, it's best to place a cylindrical laser at the chuck and make sure it centers effectively against the tailstock.


Angular Alignment

Tool movement and tailstock alignment might not match together all the time, especially if your machine handles frequent boring processes. If the chuck centreline points too high or low, you'll want to use a cylindrical laser to align the tailstock to the chuck centerline once again.


Have a Tape Measure and Cylindrical Laser Ready

Tape measures are useful for measuring distances between the tailstock and chuck centreline. However, they're not efficient enough to guarantee alignment between the two pieces. Thankfully, laser technology makes this simple and easier to use than other sophisticated tools available in the market. Have these two tools at the ready when aligning tailstocks to centrelines.


Work With Dependable Milling Machine Technicians

Milling machine alignment can be time-consuming, especially if your operators can't align the pieces together in a short period. When this happens, consider working with boring machine manufacturer-certified technician teams.


It's Easy to Find Maintenance Teams for Your Needs

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