4 Industries That Have Great Use For Boring Milling Machines

4 Industries That Have Great Use For Boring Milling Machines


When it comes to large-scale industrial operations, owning a dependable set of boring milling machines is always a must. Unknown to many, accurately-punctured and drilled holes are much needed by many fabricating and manufacturing industries.


Here are four giant industries that have an excellent need for top-tier boring machines today:


Metal Fabrication

Mass production and custom metalwork require a dependable set of boring milling machines to handle the most demanding tasks. Customised signs require accurately-drilled holes to avoid compromising the aesthetics. Furthermore, function-oriented components need micro to huge holes to fit parts and components together smoothly.

Industrial Train Manufacturing

Trains require steam engine casts, high-quality train wheels, and other custom-made parts that manufacturers can't build without proper equipment and machinery. Boring milling machines make it possible to mass-produce train parts and components completely. 


Like trains, vehicles require the best boring equipment to produce the correct hole dimensions necessary for screw entry, fasteners, and others. With high-quality machines, manufacturing engineers can handle each task without any delay. Furthermore, dependable FERMAT machines that TOS America distributes can speed up work thanks to its advanced features and capabilities. 

Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing

High-quality boring equipment is essential in working with tungsten carbide. Its density and dependability make it a robust material requiring top-tier devices to process and create the essential drills and punctures needed. All mechanical equipment requires micro-sized holes precisely and faithfully done. 

It's Easy To Find a Dependable Manufacturer When You Need One

If you have yet to find a reliable manufacturer you can always count on us at TOS America. We only import FERMAT machines from Europe because of its dependability, high-quality parts, and exceptional performance. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can achieve with you. 

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