4 Key Technologies Used in Boring Mills

4 Key Technologies Used in Boring Mills

Top fabrication and manufacturing companies will sport the best boring mills available on the market. From manual to CNC-operated boring mills, these machines help facilities speed up processes and achieve consistent results. As boring mills continue to evolve to suit changing demands, new technologies are being incorporated to improve functionality.

Here are some of the technological innovations improving boring mills today:


High-Level CNC Machining

CNC machining has helped fabricators and manufacturers take operations to the next level since its introduction. CNC capabilities in boring mills allow for automated and precise processes, reducing labour costs and promising quality. With more automated options, businesses can make great savings while continuing to put out the same high level of quality.


Multi-Side Rotary Machining Tables

Today's boring milling tables can achieve spectacular results with simple Y-axis clamping and machining. However, multi-side rotary machining tables are slowly becoming a reality. With this new technology, heavy workpieces can revolve in a true multi-axis rotation table, helping save time and resources, producing the best results for any project in the shortest time possible.


Multi-Axis Spindle

In addition to rotary machining tables, boring milling machines can have their respective multi-axis spindles. For example, FERMAT machines have boring mills with triple boring mills called Tricells, allowing simultaneous multi-angle machining of any hub by one operator. In doing so, it saves a lot of operation time while guaranteeing accurate results.


On-Machine Measurement

Lastly, scrap remains a huge problem for most fabrication and manufacturing companies. New boring mills can have digital onboard measurement tools using laser technologies. With on-machine measurement, you can achieve much higher levels of productivity by decreasing machine downtime.


FERMAT Offers the Best Boring Mills In The Market

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