4 Reasons to Invest in FERMAT Horizontal Boring Equipment

4 Reasons to Invest in FERMAT Horizontal Boring Equipment


Horizontal boring equipment reached further advancements when FERMAT introduced its modern WFT13 CNC model. This horizontal boring machine is equipped with top-tier CNC technologies combined with capable and powerful hardware that facilitates and optimizes the current boring operations of any manufacturer or fabricator. Here are four convincing benefits of owning a FERMAT machine:

World Class Manufacturer of Top-Quality Boring Equipment

FERMAT has introduced some of the best-quality and  world renowned boring machines that are known to last for decades. Furthermore, FERMAT designed its equipment to have long-term consistency and reliability, which ensures high-quality and uniform results for any business.

Highly Accurate and Consistent

Every business that owns FERMAT horizontal boring equipment can attest to its impeccable accuracy and production consistency. Having equipment that you can rely on will increase productivity in your business in no time. Additionally, its CNC automation features make custom component manufacturing seamless. A FERMAT machine can help you take your business performance to the next level. 

Long-Lasting Parts and Fittings

FERMAT only sources the best raw materials for its boring equipment. It has stringent guidelines on sourcing, processing, and assembling its machines. In doing so, the company can provide long-lasting horizontal boring equipment that they can guarantee to have consistent performance for decades. 

State-of-the-Art Technology

Manufacturing and processing technologies are continuously progressing to new heights. FERMAT continues to research for developments that increase productivity for businesses that use their machines. When you own FERMAT equipment, you're using the best and most innovative boring and manufacturing technologies available today.

It's Easy to Own a FERMAT Machine Today!

We at TOS America supply FERMAT boring machines because of their dependability and accuracy. Since 1997, we have been providing boring milling machines and technical support that exceed your expectations. With our highly experienced staff, you can trust that you will receive the best service possible. Contact us today to learn more about our range of products and supplies. 


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