4 Reasons why FERMAT Horizontal Boring Equipment Is Your Best Choice

4 Reasons why FERMAT Horizontal Boring Equipment Is Your Best Choice


If you ask successful manufacturers and fabricators about the best horizontal boring equipment, one brand often recommended is FERMAT. The brand name has garnered significant attention from a high number of fabricators, and it has for all the right reasons.


If you're not convinced to use FERMAT machinery, here are four reasons why most companies similar to yours find it exceptional.


Always The Industry's Standard

FERMAT horizontal boring equipment is the industry's standard when it comes to fabricating equipment. The company only sources the best raw materials from dependable suppliers. Furthermore, it takes great care in designing, engineering, and manufacturing its units, measuring every aspect to ensure you get the most accurate results with exceptional precision in each iteration.

Delivers Exceptional Mass-Production Results

As with most manufacturers and fabricators, mass-production solutions are of great importance. FERMAT horizontal boring equipment rises to the task with its exceptional accuracy in your daily operations. Doing so allows it to minimise natural wear and tear, ensuring you'll have minimal worries when using this line of high-quality equipment.

Can Virtually Handle Any Workpiece Weight

Sometimes, client workpieces can be too much for boring machine tables. However, FERMAT machinery can handle any material weight at a minimum of 3,000 kilogrammes. The brand has a line of equipment that can handle heavier workpieces than what we've mentioned too.

Dependability You Can Always Trust

FERMAT always puts high-quality standards and precisions in manufacturing its equipment above everything else. At all times, their engineers and researchers are creating and innovating ways to improve existing machines for clients that need exceptional results for all their machining needs.

FERMAT Equipment Is Always Available From Top-Notch Suppliers


TOS America exclusively imports FERMAT machinery from Europe for Canadian companies. We've helped a great many find success using top-notch FERMAT equipment. If you have yet to find a dependable distributor, don't hesitate to contact us today!

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