4 Signs of Boring Mill Inaccuracy

4 Signs of Boring Mill Inaccuracy

The importance of boring mills in the daily operations of metal fabricators cannot be overstated. These tools function daily, creating accurate holes in workpieces to ensure all assembly work can be seamlessly done and all components fit together conveniently. However, these machines wear and tear over time and become inaccurate.


It is essential to determine the surest signs your boring machines are becoming inaccurate.


Inconsistent Work Output

Precision is of the utmost importance when fabricating and processing workpieces. Doing this guarantees a consistent output that creates uniformity and predictable performance. Without it, a business can get in trouble due to erratic manufacturing results. If there's an increase in redoing specific components because of faulty boring mills, make sure to replace your machines.  


Major Boring Guide Adjustment

Purpose-oriented boring mills -- a common practice where the machines are part of a single circuit -- improves accuracy and precision by only using one guide setting. In doing this, employees need to adjust the settings once. Then, they can observe if all processed workpieces have a consistent measurement. If they have to make significant guide adjustments frequently, it's a sign that your boring equipment has become inaccurate.


Abnormal Enlargement of Workpiece Holes

All boring machines enlarge pre-drilled holes with precise accuracy. Manufacturers made sure they only widen them as you intended. However, worn out and ageing tools can result in these bored holes not conforming to their intended size. This is a sure sign that your machine is becoming more inaccurate.


Consistent Regular Maintenance Issues

Lastly, if your maintenance teams see the same problems repeatedly occur during their regular machine checkups, it's a sign that you need to replace them soon. Technician teams from reliable suppliers, such as us at TOS America, perform minor repairs to lengthen your machine's lifespan and guarantee consistent performance. We advise that you replace any tool that requires significant adjustment or repairs.

Get the Best Replacements from Dependable Suppliers

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