4 Types of Horizontal Boring Equipment

August 11, 2022

The boring machine is one of the most versatile machine tools used by machinists during metal fabrication works. It is used to bore holes in large and heavy parts. Other applications of boring machines include reaming, threading, facing, milling, grooving, recessing, etc with suitable tools. There are two types of boring machines, vertical and horizontal boring machines. 

This equipment, especially the horizontal boring equipment, is handy when it comes to working with large metal parts that are practically impossible to hold and rotate in a lathe or a drill machine. Learn more about 4 types of horizontal boring equipment in this blog.

4 Types of Horizontal Boring Equipment


Table type:
The table type is the most common type of horizontal boring machine. It is called table type because the work is done on a mounted table. The feed can be mechanical or manual, lengthwise or crosswise concerning the bed of the machine. The headstock in a table type can be adjusted vertically on the column and the spindle has a horizontal feed motion.
The floor-type equipment uses a constant floor plate on which the work is held. The headstock supporting column and the end supporting column are mounted on the runways. Runways are placed at right angles to the spindle axis. Floor-type machines are designed to hold large and heavy workpieces that are difficult to mount on a table.
Planer type:
The planer type is similar to the table type but the table slides directly on the bed instead of on a saddle. This type of horizontal boring equipment can accommodate different widths of work as the end of the supporting column and headstock supporting column can be adjusted.
Multiple head type:
This equipment resembles a double housing planer or a Plano miller. The table is generally supported on a long bed. The machine may have multiple headstocks and can function as a horizontal and vertical machine.
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