4 Types of Milling Tools To Enrich Your Manufacturing Knowledge

4 Types of Milling Tools To Enrich Your Manufacturing Knowledge

Wood and metal working requires proper tooling in order to achieve excellence. It means having the right tools for the right job. From lathing and boring, to milling, grinding and drilling, each task has its own role in defining the quality of finish your end product gets. As a result, there is a need to deploy the best tooling when working on a given project. Below are the most common boring milling machines every modern workshop needs.


Lathes are spindled machines with work piece turneries and a boarded lathing knife for shaping the work piece. These machines are commonly used in crafting rotary parts, refining cylindrical parts as well as drilling threads on hidden surfaces. 

Boring machines

This is a special class of boring milling machines used in making holes in wooden or metal surfaces. When properly used, boring machines are critical in milling, threading surfaces and facing tuning rotor surfaces.

Milling machines

As an advancement to the conventional CNC machining technology, milling machines play a critical role in elevating the quality of finish on metal and wooden surfaces. The universality of the milling machines makes them uniquely adapted for various high-end applications, including drilling, reaming, and drilling on particularly tough metal surfaces.  

Press machines

Another critical class of boring milling machines relates to the pressing tools. Whether dealing with hydraulic or mechanical presses, you need to equip your workshop with excellence. The multi-purpose tools ensure that your cold pressing needs such as blanking, bending, embossing, and riveting are professionally done.

When looking for one or a combination of these tools, or any other class of boring milling tools, TOS America is the place where your quest will always be achieved. By partnering with us as your preferred solutions provider, your workshop will be assured of having the best-in-class technologies in town.


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