5 Outstanding Qualities of FERMAT Boring Mills

5 Outstanding Qualities of FERMAT Boring Mills

TOS America is a leading supplier of boring milling to all sorts of industrial clients. TOS America dedicates itself to importing FERMAT Machinery, providing our clients with the best of the best.


Here are five undeniably solid reasons to use FERMAT boring mills:


Exceptionally Efficient and Practical Design

With decades of experience in the manufacturing of boring mills, FERMAT Machinery's founders closely worked with renowned engineers and machine design professionals in the Czech Republic. In doing so, they carved a path towards excellent products through top-notch manufacturing, design, and service. With an eye for efficiency, FERMAT machines are the clear choice for TOS America.


Long-Lasting Performance

All machine designers strive to ensure their machine designs and manufacturing processes maintain consistency in performance and longevity. FERMAT Machinery achieves both, with a proven track record of excellence within a variety of industries.


Works With Reputable Raw Material Suppliers

FERMAT Machinery rapidly grew thanks to wise acquisitions in both the Czech Republic and the US. Plus, the manufacturer only partners with reliable raw material and workpiece suppliers. Doing so allows them to manufacture the best machines for their clients.


Undeniable Accuracy and Precision Machine Performance

FERMAT’s main objective is simple: deliver accurate and precise cuts with each use over its entire lifespan. The manufacturer leverages its committed, well-educated, and experienced designers and manufacturers plus cutting-edge technologies to achieve this goal.


Continuous Dedication to Improvement

FERMAT is a manufacturer that understands the need for top-quality, dependable boring mills. In this light, they are always keeping an eye out for the newest best practices and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure it always provides quality products for its clients.


TOS America Supplies the Best FERMAT Machines

FERMAT Machinery reflects our values as their major Canadian importer. We've been supplying their top-tier equipment for decades. Contact us today to learn more about our selection of top-grade FERMAT boring mills.

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