5 Reasons To Choose TOS America Boring Mills

5 Reasons To Choose TOS America Boring Mills

TOS America Boring Mills is not just a brand. It's a stamp of quality service from product importation, distribution, and aftersales from TOS America. We supply used TOS America Boring Mills and industrial equipment from FERMAT machinery. The boring mills are of excellent quality and the best in terms of longevity too.

Compelling Reasons To Use High-Quality TOS America Boring Mills

Guaranteed Quality

Quality goes beyond a boring machine's actual performance and reliability. TOS America Boring Mills provide excellent quality with dependable and consistent results. FERMAT uses the highest quality standards and designs and manufactures its products to support the customer’s changing business needs.


Brand-Trusted Distributor

All TOS America Boring Mills come from FERMAT machinery from the Czech Republic. Our job as importers and distributors is to ensure we deliver, install, and provide excellent support for all products. Having an excellent nurturing supplier in TOS America is a crucial asset for FERMAT operators in Canada.


Undeniably Excellent After-Sales Service

Brands build their reputation by providing the best framework that would greatly benefit their clients. In this light, TOS America boosts FERMAT's brand a notch higher in Canada by supplying the best after-sales support to all businesses.


Available Spare Parts

Businesses need a supplier who can provide spare parts for simple repairs. For example, TOS America offers spare parts for all FERMAT machines and directly imports them to Canada. Doing so allows businesses to perform easy repairs with their dedicated maintenance team, thereby saving the precious time and money of all the parties involved.


Dependable Logistics

An international brand can only trust a distributor with reliable logistics and process pipeline. TOS America's decades of importing experience guarantees dependable deliveries, installations, and repairs for FERMAT machinery clients.


Get The Best FERMAT Machinery Equipment For Your Business

TOS America is FERMAT Machinery’s major Canadian importer, and we have been supplying their top-tier equipment for years. Contact us today to explore our selection of top-notch boring mills services and more.


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