5 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Horizontal Boring Mills

5 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Horizontal Boring Mills

Horizontal boring mills play a significant role in many manufacturing and fabricating operations. However, even top-tier machines can break down due to wear and tear, massive malfunctions, or old age. It’s best to stay on top of this so as to not run into unexpected downtime due to machine breakdown.


Here are five signs you need to replace your boring mills to prevent operational disruption:



Inconsistent and Inaccurate Results

As with any machining and fabricating procedure, your horizontal boring mills must always remain accurate and dependable. However, if you notice that your results are increasingly inconsistent, you'll want a technician to check it out for calibration. They can help you determine whether your mills need repairs or a replacement.


Personnel Spend More Time Troubleshooting

If your operators are spending more time fixing and calibrating your equipment than being productive, you will miss much of your logistical goals. A few calibrations taking less than 10-15 minutes is standard. However, anything beyond is detrimental to your daily operations.


Massive Utility Bill Spike

Appliances and heavy-duty equipment that have begun to malfunction will often cause a considerable spike in your utility bills. If you see an abnormal spike trend -- or saw a mountain curve over time in the course of a few months -- have technicians inspect and see whether your device is malfunctioning and will need replacing soon.


Tasks Take Longer to Accomplish

Your utility bills might have spiked with faulty horizontal boring mills because they take longer to accomplish tasks that were once only a few hours to perform. Always compare your machine's performance to its former capabilities every three months. If you see a drastic difference, then it's time for you to replace them.


It's Been In Operation for More Than 10 Years

If your mills have been working for over a decade, you'll likely see problems start to appear. Device wear and tear will manifest itself on older machines, but it can appear as early as after a decade of use.


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