A Boring Mill For Every Season: Woodwork, metal work and construction

Boring involves the drilling holes in materials using a single point cutting tool that is usually used in the construction, metal work or wood work. Boring mills come in different sizes and styles which can be best fit for small working operations. The outcomes may come in different sizes, essentially using work pieces from 100 mm up to more than 4 meters in diameter. Different boring holes are used in different cases in drilling the holes of the materials.


A high reputation on our horizontal boring mills has been firmly anchored on the reliability of our high quality products and machines. We offer a wide variety or selection of boring mills, grinding machines and refurbishing services for your machines. We are quite the most reliable machinery company that offers the best items for the best outcomes. We are ready to take on the world of machines with the use of the newest and most advanced technology in boring mills.


We have been using the most advanced technologies to power up belts and rollers. We have boring mills of different sizes. Our WFC 10 CNC is the smallest boring mill and it is a table type boring mill with a small boring mill diameter of 100mm. This is only typically used for small scale work but this must never be underestimated. This WFC 10 CNC is basically the small version of the WFC 13 CNC. This WFC 13 CNC is one of the most known items in the market because of its very high quality and durability. This is persistent in heavy duty work and is very efficient in all work types.


Our horizontal boring mills are differentiated with some being smaller, patterned distinctively from one another, as well as having distinct operational processes. The WFC 13 CNC could work on bigger pieces of up to 20 tons of weight. With the high level technology used to build up this machine, it could be used for high cutting jobs and performances. We also have another item for horizontal boring mills. The WFC 1113 CNC is configured as the smallest horizontal table type boring milling machine. This is one of the most productive items of the product line and that it could be very effective in cubes, which are most likely hard to work with. These items are very much relied upon in the market and are very efficient. We are sure to provide you with the best boring mills of the highest quality and durability.






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