A Boring Overview

A Boring Overview

Despite its namesake, boring mills are a crucial part of the manufacturing industry. In fact, just about every type of industry that utilizes machinery requires a boring machine. The term boring refers to the process of increasing the size of a hole that has already been drilled. Notable examples include boring an engine cylinder or a gun barrel. Since its inception in 1775, boring machines have remained relevant, providing increasingly efficient and robust designs throughout the years. To keep you informed on boring machines, here’s a quick overview to help you out.


How does it Work?

A boring mill consists of a spindle, indexable insert and an anchor. There are two types of boring mills, namely horizontal and vertical. The reason why there are two types of mills is because of the positioning of the spindle. Like its name suggests, the vertical mill has its spindle positioned vertically and the horizontal one has its spindle positioned horizontally. First, a hole must be drilled onto the material. Afterwards, a boring bar is used to increase the size of the drilled hole in order to create a more accurate diameter. Lastly, the reaming process cleans the hole, giving it a finished and detailed aesthetic.


Where are they used?

Boring machines are widely used in the manufacturing industry. These include and are not limited to: energy, oil and gas, printing, chemical, aerospace, communications and construction. Boring machines are commonly used for repairs, with many shops requiring boring services in order to help restore any damaged materials.


How much does it cost?

Boring machines range from approximately $500,000 to $5,000,000. Since the machine has remained relevant for centuries, there is ample demand.


Where do I get one?

At TOS America, we are the exclusive Canadian importer of FERMAT boring mills. Our reputation is second to none, delivering quality boring mills to all of our clients. If you require further information, visit our website and give us a call!

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