A Brief Introduction To CNC Boring Mills

A Brief Introduction To CNC Boring Mills

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. It is widely used for different types of machining today, owing to the precision it offers. In CNC machining, pre-programmed software determines the movement of the machine. The ability of the CNC process to control complex machinery is unmatched. From lathes and routers to laser cutters and mills, CNC processes can control everything easily and efficiently.

Clients across Canada prefer CNC boring mills from TOS America Inc. Our wide range of horizontal and vertical mills is ideal for numerous industrial applications.

A brief overview of CNC mills

How do they exactly work?
The CNC process converts numerical code into Cartesian coordinates. These coordinates help the mill make precise movements and drill holes with utmost accuracy. CNC milling machines boast a cutting head that converts the workpiece to a final product by subtraction. The unwanted area of the workpiece is drilled, bored, or cut with accuracy. 
Types of boring mills
Vertical and horizontal are two common mill types used by fabricators. The significant difference between both is that, in the vertical mill, the workpiece moves, while the tool is stationary. In the horizontal mill, the tool moves within the stationary workpiece to enlarge already existing holes.
Horizontal and vertical mills can also be classified on the basis of the number of axes. Fabricators commonly use CNC mills with three to five-axis. Each axis is represented by a letter. The horizontal axis is represented by X and Y, while the vertical axis is represented by Z, and the letter W represents the diagonal movement.
It is essential to do business only with trusted manufacturers and suppliers when sourcing milling machines. TOS America Inc. is one of the leading suppliers of FERMAT boring mills. Our team of experts can help you choose the perfect mill depending on your applications. We boast a wide range of boring milling machines for you to choose from.

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