A Brief Product Overview of Horizontal Boring Equipment

A Brief Product Overview of Horizontal Boring Equipment

When you work with horizontal boring equipment, you are working with complex machinery that is made up of several important parts, all of which are working together to serve your industrial boring needs. At TOS America, we’ve made it a crucial element of our business to understand each individual piece of our boring machines so we can provide you with the best equipment and services for your business.


Vital Parts of Horizontal Boring Equipment:

  • Base and Column - The base and column of a boring mills are among its most vital components that allow it to function efficiently. The base of the machine comprises the crucial drive mechanism that allows it to perform tasks securely and reliably – they provide vital support for the entire machine.
  • Equipment Head - Another vital part of these helpful devices is the head. This part is the station where various decisive attachments – the spindles in particular – are found and used. As a result, this is where most of your crucial operations take place.
  • Table and Saddle - The horizontal boring equipment saddle and table is a part that is responsible for holding down work. It is also a part that holds many vital attachments that specialize the function of the machine.
  • Backrest and End Support - Finally, the backrest and end support for the equipment is a crucial component that provides physical support for the arbors and the boring bars as they rotate and travel during operation.


Horizontal boring equipment is used in many industries for many different purposes. Having these vital machines in excellent condition and keeping them well-maintained will bring significant benefits to your production line. If you’re hoping to learn more about these benefits, or about our wide selection of products, feel free to contact us today and get the process started!

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