A comparision of horizontal boring mills models

A high reputation on our horizontal boring mills has been firmly anchored on the reliability of our high quality products and equipment. Many companies offer a wide selection of boring mills, grinding equipment and refurbishing services for them. TOS America, however, exceeds in it reputation as one of the most reliable machinery companies that offers the best items for the best outcomes. They are ready to take on the world of machines with the use of the newest and most advanced technology in boring mills.

TOS America manufacturing company does not only import quality vertical and horizontal boring mills but also invented a new way of enhancing its efficacy. We all know that even the best quality products need a boosting agent to function at its best and that’s the principal reason why boring mills was made. Horizontal boring mills are one of the most frequently used bonding agents in the global market. It is not only easy to use; its price comes at a reasonable rate and its efficiency is eminent. It is beneficial in many aspects in life. In the long run, it is the horizontal boring mills that are made of high quality materials and last for a long time that customers are on the lookout for.

We have been using the most advanced technologies to power up belts and rollers. We have boring mills of different sizes. Our WFC 10 CNC is the smallest boring mill and it is a table type boring mill with a small  diameter of 100mm. It is typically used for small scale work, but its power should not be underestimated. This WFC 10 CNC is basically the small version of the WFC 13 CNC. This WFC 13 CNC is one of the most known items in the market because of its very high quality and durability. This is persistent in heavy duty work and is very efficient in all work types. Browse our site for more details on the different makes and models of the boring mills.


Can you quote me for WFC 10 CNC please?
Posted by: Nadir Nolan | May 23, 2016, 4:45 pm
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