A Complete History of The Boring Mill

A Complete History of The Boring Mill

Boring is the process of enlarging a hole that has already been drilled into a material. Boring is used to achieve greater accuracy of the diameter of a hole. If only one tool was used to both make and expand the hole in a material, it would be less precise. 

Most of the early advances in boring mills were applied to make gun barrels. This is the hollow cylinder through which bullets would fly in early firearms and cannons.

A significant milestone in the boring tools was the machine invited by John Wilkinson in 1774. His invention was able to bore the cylinder for the first commercial engine. This advancement grew the field of boring technology to include engines, pumps, and other industrial uses. Wilkinson continued to invent more boring machines for engines and mills, making them more efficient.

In 1855, a new device was built. It was known as the Lincoln miller, named after George Lincoln, the owner of the company that produced it. It was more efficient and sturdy then prior models. This model would continue to be improved and perfected in the decades to come. The advances in this era brought in the modern age of boring and milling equipment.

In the early 20th century, innovations popped up and continued to improve boring technology. In 1952, the first numerical control (NC) boring machine was built. It was reported in Scientific American, as a ground-breaking invention in the field. NC technology allows for automation of machinery, rather than workers having to manually control the devices.

In the 1960s and 1970s, NC evolved into CNC (computer numerical control). This allowed machinery to be programmed and controlled using computer technology. Today, even desktop and laptop computers can program and operate boring equipment.

Today, boring technology has come a long way. At TOS America, we provide new, efficient FERMAT boring mills. If you are interested our horizontal or vertical boring mills, simply give us a call.


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