A Machine That's Never Boring: Fermat WFC 10 HS CNC

A Machine That's Never Boring: Fermat WFC 10 HS CNC

The WFC 10 HS CNC is one of the latest Fermat manufactured powerful high-speed crosswire horizontal boring equipment machine with 5,500 rotations per minute and 41 kw. Marketed as “a machine that’s never boring”, it's clear that the WFC 10 HS CNC is here to impress. Known for its reliability, high-cutting performance, and user-friendly operation, the WFC 10 HS CNC offers a myriad of advantages – making this machine an asset for horizontal boring applications.


Machine Capabilities


A variation of Fermat’s original WFC 10 CNC, Fermat engineers crafted the WFC 10 HS CNC by removing the boring spindle and extension mechanism components, and replacing them with an additional motor to increase machine horsepower and spindle speed. The WFC 10 HS CNC is equipped with a headstock defined by its 100m diameter spindle – which is capable of handling iron and steel work pieces at roughly 5,500 rotations per minute. The WFC 10 HS CNC is also well-suited for working on the soft metal surfaces such as copper and aluminum without compromising on maintaining a higher degree of precision and detail.

The WFC 10 HS CNC also features a rapid traverse of 30,000 mm per minute on both X and Z axis, and 20,000 mm per minute on its Y axis – allowing operators to mill large work piece areas quickly and seamlessly while still managing to process the forms and molds used through industrial fabrication operations.


The Fermat Difference


TOS America partners Czech Republic founded Fermat – industry leaders in the design, manufacture, and installation of horizontal boring equipment for heavy engineering and precision component manufacturing industries. Fermat’s over century long legacy of quality engineered horizontal boring equipment is why TOS America supplies Fermat machinery. Fermat’s commitment to maintaining a higher degree of excellence when it comes to their products and customer service is what has led to their international reputation for quality and success.



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