An Overview of Boring Mill Maintenance

An Overview of Boring Mill Maintenance

Metal fabrication includes processes like cutting, drilling, boring, riveting, etc. These processes are part of a machine shop's day-to-day activity. To complete the aforementioned tasks with ease and accuracy, machine shops heavily rely on various types of machinery, tools and equipment. Boring mills are one such piece of equipment used by metal fabricators to bore holes into a workpiece as a part of the fabrication process. 

Boring is required in almost all projects and thus these machines usually work round the clock. Any damage to the boring mills could bring a halt to the operations of the machine shop. Thus, it is important to ensure their timely maintenance. Here's everything you need to know about the maintenance of boring mills.

An Overview of Boring Mill Maintenance


Preventive maintenance:
Preventive maintenance is a part of the routine checkup that ensures the overall health of the boring machine. This includes checking the protocol for all items, inspection of filters and other consumables and replacement if required. The technician must also prepare a report after assessing the system status and functionality, and on any measures required to keep the mill running.
Geometric maintenance:
In this step, a technician carefully examines various adjustments to the machinery. The adjustment of the geometry of the machine, table and heads are properly checked for any sort of deviation. This step is followed by alignment of head articulations and geometrical precision of laser interferometer and ball bar.
Head maintenance:
Head maintenance is the last step in the process of boring mill maintenance. Boring heads rotate at high speed and thus are subjected to constant wear and tear. This is why preventive head maintenance is significant. Technician also checks for any sort of repair requirements. Make sure to have a temporary head replacement at hand, during repairs.
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