An Overview of Horizontal Boring Equipment

An Overview of Horizontal Boring Equipment

Boring is a regular requirement in manufacturing plants. This is why they are heavily dependent on boring machines. There are two types of boring equipment but horizontal boring equipment is highly preferred over its vertical counterpart. Horizontal boring machines are designed in a way that it travels horizontally to create bores or holes. 

This facilitates versatility and the use of larger workpieces compared to the vertical type. CNC integrated boring machines provide unmatched precision and detailed parts. Learn more about horizontal boring equipment in this blog.

An Overview of Horizontal Boring Equipment


In horizontal boring equipment, the metal being bored or the workpiece remains stationary whereas the tool rotates. Horizontal boring machines usually have two parts, the boring bar and the stationary part. The boring bar consists of a spindle, a spindle holder or an anchor and an insert.
Another important factor that affects the functioning of horizontal boring equipment is the overhang. Overhang is the length between the anchor and the spindle. Machine operators usually reduce the amount of overhang to reduce the chances of deflection and variation on the size and location of the bore. The ideal overhang ratio is set between four to one. In some cases, it can go up to 10.
A horizontal boring machine comprises 6 major parts, namely, bed, headstock supporting column, end supporting column, headstock, saddle and table and boring bars. Horizontal boring equipment comes in four types. Table type horizontal boring machine, floor type horizontal boring machine, planner type horizontal boring machine, multiple heads type horizontal boring machine. You must carefully assess your requirement before investing in any of these horizontal boring machines.
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