APC- Automatic Pallet changer system

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APC- Automatic Pallet changer system

APC- Automatic Pallet changer system
The palletizing system on the machine reduces unproductive time during machining. Machining can be carried out on one pallet, while the others can be used for preparation (seating and clamping of work-pieces etc.) The palletizing system consists of two, or more pallets (per customer requirements).

Pallet dimension:
1 600 x 1 800 mm - maximal load 10 t
1 800 x 2 200 mm - maximal load 10 t    
Description of pallet change
The pallet exchange process is performed in three phases:
· first, the shifting slide should be connected to the rotation slide on the X-axis by pins, which should be inserted into the lock. This shifting motion is provided by a rack and pinion. 
· second, the pallet itself is moved by a chain, where the pallet is pulled by the pin up to the clamping position 
· third the fixing and clamping is carried out by means of  precise centering pins and hydraulics.
· afterward, the shifting slide will be disconnected and the pallet is ready in its machining position.
· the whole cycle of the pallet exchange takes approx. 100 sec.