Applications of Vertical Boring Mills

 Vertical boring mills have various uses but the main ones include turning and boring large cylindrical workpieces. Turning is a machining process that involves the use of a non-rotary tool to make a helix shape on a workpiece, while boring is increasing the size of a hole already drilled.

The vertical boring mill is applied in various areas including locomotive tires, machine tool tables, water turbine runners, machining turbine casing, ring gear blanks, and flanges for the large pipes.
Water turbines are mainly used for electrical power generation. They are mostly found in dams. Potential and kinetic energy is converted to mechanical energy and finally to electrical energy. It is usually a rotary engine hence vertical boring mills are applied.

Flanges for large pipes use vertical boring mills. Flanges are rings that form a rim when fastened to the tube. Flanges ensure that connecting parts are bolted together. The pipe flanges come in standardized dimensions, which are not interchangeable and divided according to pressure and temperature ratings for different materials. This is applied in corporations, engineering, construction, and procurement.
Locomotives are power units found on trains that pull rail cars. They are fitted with tires that have a replaceable wearing element on wheels.When installing these tires; a vertical boring mill is used.

Machining turbine casings increases the toughness and the lifespan of the turbines. These casings have to be mounted according to the design and material of the machine turbine. A vertical boring mill perfectly does the fitting. Machine tool table is useful for grinding, cutting and boring.
Tos America Inc is a great company that manufactures the vertical boring mill. This is one of the largest machines that have various applications like drilling and cutting. Their demand is high and production more.

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