Becoming Familiar with the Elements Crucial to the Operation of Horizontal Boring Mills

Becoming Familiar with the Elements Crucial to the Operation of Horizontal Boring Mills

Performing a comprehensive setup that demonstrates the necessary bar support and fixtures are elements that are paramount in ensuring the correct operation of horizontal boring mills. When you distil the reasoning behind some of the most successful boring procedures, it always pinpoints back to the rigidity shown within these elements.


For today’s piece, let us go over some of the fundamental reasoning’s behind the importance of these elements and why they serve to better your boring operations.



Bar Support

When machining on horizontal boring mills, it is customary to envision a stationary workpiece during operation as, after all, this is the most common practice seen in their usage. However, this is not always the case as sometimes workpieces require movement, at which point operations are to be performed on a rotary index table.


In such situations, the cutting tools are to be mounted on a boring bar; this provides the capacity for movement to occur via power received from the machine spindle. Bar support methods vary in practicality as they are dependent upon the how accessible the bore is, finish requirements, and length of the bar necessary to reach the machining surface. Examples of practical bar supports are listed below:


Stub Bar – this bar is instated when boring holes close to the headstock and blind holes. Bar support for these cases predominantly occur at the spindle.

Line Bar – designed for boring lengthy holes. Therefore, this bar requires additional support external to the spindle, typically in the form of an end support known as a bearing block.

Other Work – in the situation where support is necessary between the spindle and the end support, the workpiece itself can be used for bar support in the intermediary.


Boring Fixtures

Symbiotic to the support of the bar is its alignment, as a precursor to the boring procedure on horizontal boring mills. These fixtures are essential for works involving mass production as setup and realignment of the workpiece are expedited by removing the need for close adjustments on the headstock. The material of the fixture bearing is tailored to the hardness of the bar and how long in service the fixture is scheduled for.


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