Best Boring Milling Machines

 TOS America Inc. has immense stock of a variety of boring milling machines, both horizontal and vertical, as well as spare parts. Having decades of valuable experience, they proudly import the best boring milling machines on the market from FERMAT in the Czech Republic. TOS America Inc. provides knowledgeable customer service for any boring mill query, taking care to have satisfied clients. They are the standout choice if you are looking to invest in quality boring milling machines due to their dependability and passion to be leaders in their field.

TOS America Inc. are very familiar with both the local and international market and their boring milling machines are extensively acknowledged for their multiple functions. These are just a few advantages of TOS boring milling machines. TOS America Inc. strives to build a sturdy foundation of mutual respect with their loyal and upcoming users. Aside from being popular for their outstanding properties, TOS boring milling machines are also known for their affordability as compared to other boring mills. TOS America Inc. offer competitive prices so that you don’t have to stress.

A large variety of different sized boring milling machines are available, so you are sure to find the one best suited to your work place. Their WFC 10 CNC is a table type boring mill with a small boring mill diameter of 100mm. This is typically used for small scale work, with advantages including a compact size and strong durability. This WFC 10 CNC is basically the small version of the WFC 13, and is a very reliable machine with the quick and easy spindle travel of 730mm/29”. The WFC 13, on the other hand, could work on bigger pieces of up to 20 tons in weight. Whether you are looking for a compact model or a heavy duty one, TOS America Inc. supplies it.  

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