Best Horizontal Boring Equipment By TOS America

Best Horizontal Boring Equipment By TOS America

Boring mills and different types of boring equipment are essential for the functioning of machine shops. The quality of the mills is directly related to their performance. Hence, sourcing boring equipment from trusted distributors with significant industry experience is mandatory.

TOS America is an industry leader with over two decades of experience. Since the late 2000s, TOS America has also been the exclusive importer and supplier of FERMAT boring mills. 

The wide range of vertical and horizontal boring equipment that we supply provides you with an option to choose the best model depending on your industrial application. 

Following are some models of the horizontal boring mills supplied by TOS America.


The WFC 10 CNC is one of the best horizontal boring mills in the market. Its higher torque and more powerful boring spindle make horizontal boring easier. Workpieces of up to 3 tons can be easily worked on the WFC 10 CNC machine. The sliding guiding feature makes boring workpieces using WFC 10 CNC very easy. 


Tight parameters and high technical level set apart WFT 13 CNC from its competitors. The "T" floor plan with the longitudinal column, moveable spindle, and transversal CNC rotary table are some of the key highlights of this boring equipment. WFT 13 CNC is simple, reliable, and performance-oriented. 


This highly productive machine is great for machining cubes and moulds. WFC 13 CNC can handle workpieces up to 8 tons. Fixed column, moveable spindle, and cross-wide moveable rotary table are some of the highlights of WFC 13 CNC. This horizontal boring equipment from FERMAT is one of the smallest models from the brand and is perfect for smaller operations.

You can rely on TOS America for boring mills of all types. Our unbeatable price, quality, and experience make us industry leaders. Get in touch with us to learn about all our products. 

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