Best Industrial Boring Mills

Best Industrial Boring Mills

Boring mills have helped the metal fabrication industry reach new heights in the last few decades. Computer numerical controlled or CNC boring milling machines offer the highest precision for drilling and boring workpieces of varying thickness. With the help of high-speed steel and carbide, boring milling machines drill holes or enlarge an already cast hole with relative ease.

However, while investing in any machinery or equipment, it is necessary to ensure that the brand you are choosing is a dependable one. For example, if you end up investing a hefty sum in purchasing a boring milling machine of an inferior brand, you can face many hiccups while using it.

To ensure your money is spent well, it’s important to buy industrial grade boring mills


TOS America is a dependable brand that assures quality machines and unmatchable service. Our team of experts is knowledgeable and experienced. Depending on your industrial applications and budget, our team will recommend the perfect boring milling machine for you.

We are the exclusive dealers of FERMAT machinery in Canada. FERMAT is a milling machine manufacturer based in the Czech Republic. They are one of the most dependable manufacturers of horizontal mills globally.

At TOS America, you can get your hands on horizontal boring equipment, vertical floor type mills, gantry mill, and grinding machines. In addition, the after-sales service provided by TOS America is also unbeatable. Our team also offers refurbishing services for milling machines of all types. 

No matter the industry and applications, you can get the boring mill that fits your needs at TOS America. With low maintenance costs and effective after-sales service, you can maximize productivity and profit. We have been supplying boring milling machines since 1997 to clientele across Canada. Get in touch with us today to learn about all our products and services.


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