Boring Milling Machine Basics: A Complete Overview of Horizontal Boring Mills

October 05, 2017

Today, there is an increasing demand for various precision-designed and well-engineered tools such as pressing machines, industrial machines and construction machines. Horizontal boring mills are one of the most sophisticated and technically advanced machines that are commonly used in various industrial sectors. They are a highly effective tool used for accurately machining medium and large parts. To get a better idea, this overview will give you the basic information about horizontal milling machines.  

Integral Parts of Horizontal Boring Mills

These machines are precision-designed and engineered, built with four major parts to ensure accurate and efficient performance. These vital parts include:

  • Column and Base - The base and column of horizontal boring mills contain all the drive mechanisms crucial to their functions. They also provide support to every vital component that contributes to the machine’s overall function. The base and column are also significant to provide a strong and stable platform for the machine.

  • Machine Head - The machine head is a vital part of a horizontal boring mill because it contains the decisive attachments of the machine. It is also the part where the auxiliary spindles are located as well as various mechanisms that control the entire operations of both the spindle and hand feed.

  • Table and Saddle - This part is the one that holds down the work and other crucial machine attachments to enhance the machine’s functionality.

  • End Support or Back Rest - The main function of the back rest is to support arbors and boring bars when they rotate and travel lengthwise during the machine’s operation.

Typical Applications of Horizontal Boring Mills

Horizontal Boring Mills are used in various industries such as construction, railway, naval and more. They are typically used for manufacturing and machining of some various products that include:

  • Steel beams and columns
  • Welded work pieces
  • Engine blocks
  • Locomotive parts
  • Engine components
  • Windmill hubs

Those are just some of the products manufactured using horizontal boring mills. Today, these machines are used in most of the industries to produce various products that have an impact on our daily lives.