Boring Milling Machines Are Anything but Boring

Boring Milling Machines Are Anything but Boring

Many think boring milling machines are simple pieces of equipment that are used to make holes on metals. While this may be simple enough to the uninitiated, there is a lot that happens when boring milling machines do their work. It isn’t simply about making a hole, as there are other factors to consider when boring through metal with deft precision.

Factors to Consider with Boring Milling Machines

  1. Straightness. Boring milling machines need to make a straight hole through a given metal sheet. Because of the relative thickness of the metal and the pressure to push forward, the hole may wander off center thus creating a hole that is not straight. Thus, the boring milling machine needs to be kept straight to avoid any issues such as holes that are off center.

  2. Concentricity. Boring milling machines are able to make a hole concentric with the outside diameter of the hole. This can be achieved only within the limitations of the accuracy of the holding device. If the holding device is unable to keep the drill within the concentric area, then the hole would go outside the concentric hole, making for a different hole altogether.

  3. Forces. There are two major forces that come into play when a boring milling machine operates. These are the tangential force and the radial cutting force. When operating the drill, these two forces would push the drill bit off center, making for a hole that is not centered as well as non-concentric. These forces need to be negated in order for the hole made would be precisely what is needed.

There are many factors to consider when operating boring milling machines. These include the drill’s straightness and the concentricity of the created hole. To achieve this, the forces that come into play in operation need to be nullified. This process in itself makes the work of boring milling machines anything but boring.

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Posted by: Michael R. | December 11, 2017, 12:03 pm
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