Boring Milling Machines: The Piece of Equipment That Every Manufacturer Should Have

Boring Milling Machines: The Piece of Equipment That Every Manufacturer Should Have

Efficiency and high volume of production are two key indicators of success in the manufacturing industry. TOS America prides itself on providing equipment like vertical and horizontal boring milling machines that set the standard for quality and efficiency in the North American industry.




You cannot underestimate the importance of versatile equipment in a highly competitive industry, equipment which can perform multiple tasks in any given space or enterprise. With the right tools and accessories paired to boring milling machines, for example, you can safely and efficiently conduct drilling and threading in any new installation in addition to many other tasks.


These machines’ performance and productivity are further improved by the Computer Numerical Control technology (CNC). With the help of this powerful software, axes and peripheral tools used in diverse applications such as rotary tables and milling heads can be controlled faster and with far more precision. With industry standard FERMAT boring milling machines, you can produce and manufacture with greater accuracy and reduced production time while ensuring the safety of your staff.


Modern boring milling mahcines  have the additional capacity to bore holes and cut a wide range of materials. They can even work through super alloys, high tensile steels, and titanium. Offering greater stiffness, higher speed and horsepower as well as greater feed capacity, any manufacturing space will quickly see its benefits. The highest specification for horsepower available is at around 200 HP, with specifications and models to meet the needs of most manufacturing enterprises. 


There are many different types of boring milling machines available in the market which are designed for line, tunnel, directional, jig, cylinder, horizontal and vertical boring. FERMAT equipment, imported from the Czech Republic and carried by TOS America, is one of the most respected and on-demand in the Canadian industry. This is based on a reputation for superior quality and performance. The most commonly used boring milling machines by manufacturing and processing enterprises are horizontal and vertical boring mills, given their wide application and compatibility.


In selecting the right model of boring mills for your space, there are a number of factors to consider. These include the concentricity of the hole to be created and the drill’s straightness. Learn more about our partnership with FERMAT and the wide range of machines we can provide your specific needs here




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