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About Us and Our Boring Milling Machines

Since 1997, TOS America has been providing superior customer service supported by a foundation built upon providing quality products. It’s imperative when working with speciality equipment such as boring milling machines to rely on a company experienced not just with the product but your unique industry as well. Our staff has experience in a wide array of applicable industries; we are the boring milling machine experts and we leverage that in every aspect of our service. Since inception, TOS America has been making decisions that put the customer first.
One such decision occurred in the late 2000s. We partnered with FERMAT machinery, a Czech based equipment manufacturer, and became their exclusive importer in Canada (excluding Quebec). Many in the machine tool industry have praised Germany and the Czech Republic for their application of cutting edge technology in order to reduce costs and ultimately provide a better product. At TOS America, we take great pride in being able to provide the customer with the best possible boring milling machines at the lowest price. Our partnership with FERMAT machinery stands as a practical application of these beliefs.
FERMAT was founded in the 1980s and has partnered with such dominant brands such as Hytek, Grundfos, ZF, Fanuc, Heindenhain and Siemens. They have inexplicable experience working with vertical boring mills, boring milling machines and parts, allowing them to develop a fantastic product. When combined with our existing expertise and industry knowledge, our partnership with FERMAT has enabled us to truly provide you with the best possible product at the lowest possible price.

TOS America is ready to provide you boring milling machines that exceed your expectations. Contact us today at 905-876-0890 to find out more about what we can do for your company. Our solutions and range of products may surprise you.