CNC Horizontal Boring Mills For Cost Effective Parts

CNC Horizontal boring mills have revolutionized numerous jobs in the machine industry because of their ability to create parts economically with a number of properly positioned and precise cuts or holes. The boring mill is usually used to increase the tolerance and accuracy of cuts and holes. It is available in planer, table and even floor models.
Mode of operation of CNC boring mills
The table type is the most popular type. It can manage pieces up to 66ft large. Besides the table, which supports the item to be bored, it has three axes which moves the part to be bored towards the spindle which drills the holes. The machine can be computerized to do only precise cuts or just the rough bit of the process.
It creates holes of varying depths through a repeated series of cuts and retractions. The heat produced by the axes, as it spins at a high angular velocity, is reduced by coolant running through a channel in the boring bar's length. To ensure uniform results, most of the machines run on G-codes which are pre-programmed subroutines.
CNC boring Applications
The horizontal boring mills are used to create equipment's precision gears. After being cut, a gear blank is ground and precisely machined. Since the horizontal machine can handle large sizes, these gears are able to meet the requirements of industries in need of large parts such as oil and gas industries, aerospace and defense.
Cost of Horizontal Boring Mills
With the increased metal prices, CNC machining is viewed as cost effective method of producing parts and gears with accuracy. The price of these parts has shot up in the past decade by 200-400%. Even though the process of machining removes valuable metals, the parts it creates are not only accurate but also last longer. This cost saving aspect of machining has made most companies to resort to it to manufacture and finish both replacement parts and original pieces.
Choosing a CNC machining shop
You should select a shop that has the machine you want. For large scale, the machine should be able to handle both the job size and also support its weight. Since the materials you are to handle are precious, the company you select should be ISO certified and also have experienced and trained staff.

Horizontal boring mills are great because they are adaptable to working with many different sizes and surfaces of the workpieces. It comes in especially useful when the workpieces that need to be machined are too large for other machine tools.
Posted by: Matteusz | June 26, 2013, 10:28 am
What's the price range on CNC horizontal boring mills? Is it a lot more than for conventional?
Posted by: Julian Rebs | May 1, 2013, 4:14 pm
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