Description of horizontal boring mills

Description of horizontal boring mills

 Horizontal boring mills are used for drilling holes in a horizontal direction. They come in three main forms: floor, planer and table. The table type which is also known as the universal type because it is the most common among the three forms. It is also the most versatile. The mills are widely accepted in various industries dealing with drilling and boring. Their major functions are roughing out enormous components with high accuracy and precision.

Typically, the technology and techniques used are advanced CNC control systems. One of the Individuals that have remarkably contributed in the area of boring mills is Charles Devlieg who has been recognized by machine tool hall of fame. He came up with a machine called jigmil whose accuracy and precision was worth the attention of USAF and led to the acceptance of an idea of numerically controlled machine tools belonging to John Parson.

Axes associated with horizontal boring mills

The horizontal boring mills have their work spindle appearing parallel to the ground and the work table. Their parts are designed to move on a three linear axes, conventionally named as z, y and x axis.  The z axis is the main axis that pushes the part towards the work tool, with a cross cutting across the x axis and the y axis cutting across vertically.

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CNC helps with getting rid of variables. Good stuff.
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I swear, everything is CNC integrated nowadays. Technology is great!
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Great company to work with, their employees are so knowledgeable.
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