Difference between Horizontal and Vertical Boring Mills Part 1

Difference between Horizontal and Vertical Boring Mills Part 1

In general, both horizontal and vertical boring mills are manufactured to perform different types of boring operations and drilling tasks either manually or automatically. The most common configuration is composed of a work material and a tool head that operates between three axes. The major differences between horizontal and vertical boring mills lie in the way the machine is installed, the configuration used by the tools, and the way the work material is positioned on the machine.

Let us discuss the two different types of boring mills in order to further understand their operation. Vertical boring mills are also known as vertical turret lathes. This type of boring mill configuration resembles the operation of an engine lathe. The machine is able to do different types of operations such as cutting, boring, tapering the threads either inside or outside, as well as turning. There are various characteristics that vertical boring machine possesses and the most unique features are listed below:

-        The work material is held in place of a table that is positioned horizontally while it rotates using its vertical axis.

-        Tools that are not rotating can be inserted into the machine in both ways – vertical and horizontal. This is possible with the aid of a turret that is placed in a cross rail.

-        The side head can also be positioned either way – horizontal and vertical.

There are many applications wherein vertical boring mills are used but the most common uses are in water turbine runners, ring gear blanks, large pipe flanges, turbine casings, locomotive tires and machine tool tables. Horizontal boring mills will be discussed in our next entry.


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