Differentiating 4 Common Types of Boring Milling Machines

Differentiating 4 Common Types of Boring Milling Machines

While there are two major configurations of boring milling machines, namely horizontal and vertical boring mills, there are different types of these machines can be used for various machining applications. In addition to being classified based on configuration or number of axes of motion, the machines are also categorized according to their specific characteristics. The most common ones include the following:


Bed-type milling machine

These boring milling machines have worktables that are affixed to their bed, preventing the part from moving along the Y- and Z-axis. The part is placed underneath the cutting tool, which can be moved along the three axes (XYZ), depending on the type of machine. Under bed-type machines, there are also subtypes which include simplex, duplex, and triplex types. They are named as such because of the number of spindles they use.


Knee-type milling machine

As the name implies, this type of boring mill has a fixed spindle and a worktable that is positioned on the saddle and is supported by the knee. Depending on the location of the tooling, the knee can be adjusted by raising or lowering it on its column. The most common examples of knee-type boring milling machines are the bench-type and floor-mounted horizontal boring machines.


Planer-type milling machine

This type is pretty much the same as the bed-type mill as it has a fixed worktable and a moving spindle. The difference is that planer-type machines can process complex parts with reduced lead time because it can support multiple machine tools.


Ram-type milling machine

This boring milling machine has a movable housing or a ram in which the spindle is affixed. This setup enables the tool movement along two axes. Some of the examples of this milling machine include the swivel cutter head and universal horizontal boring machine.


There are also some special types of boring milling machines, including drum, planetary, and rotary table machines. They are chosen for specialized milling applications. Get in touch with TOS America today to learn more about the kinds of machines we can provide you!



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