Do Not Ignore These 4 Signs to Replace Your Boring Mills

Do Not Ignore These 4 Signs to Replace Your Boring Mills

You may still remember when you signed the forms required for the delivery of the boring mills in your facility; the period that has elapsed since procurement may have been decades ago.

While your mill may be delivering the results you require on the surface, there are signs that can go unnoticed that play a detrimental role in your productivity.


That is why we’ve put together the four most common symptoms our technicians see amongst aging units which can, more often than not, lead to the recommendation of investing in a new unit:


Replace Your Decade Old Units

As revered as German or Czech Republic-based boring mills are (e.g. FERMAT, Siemens, etc.), units that have been in service for the last 10-20 years should take priority when it comes to selling and replacing equipment. It is easy to become complacent as your existing SOPs, routines, and logistics may be centered on old technology, however, a simple replacement can almost double the efficiency in your facility.


Continual Breakdown

Post-service calls and maintenance for old units are one of the most frequent requests our technicians receive here at TOS America. While this can provide temporary relief for issues surrounding a unit, it does not provide a more permanent solution. For machines demonstrating continual breakdown (i.e. ≥2x/day), our professional recommendation is for retirement of said machine from your everyday operations.


Increased Maintenance and Utility Costs

There is no substitute for preventative maintenance when it comes to prolonging the lifespan of your boring mill. Nevertheless, for instances where you find utility costs are higher than normal, even with broken down and/or inoperative units, this can be a clear-cut sign your equipment is in need of a substitution.


Inconsistent Precision

On a final note, we are all familiar with the basic maintenance protocols when it comes to the alignment of tables, heads, and other parts of your equipment. However, further inspection may be warranted should operators inform you of persistent misalignments, even after maintenance procedures have been followed.


In such cases, it is crucial you have a technician on hand to perform diagnostic action, allowing you to ascertain whether wear and tear has affected your unit’s precision, and whether or not repairs, part replacement, or an entire unit replacement is necessary.


Finding the Perfect Boring Mills Starts With Us

We pride ourselves at TOS America for being Canada’s top importer of Czech Republic-made boring equipment, namely FERMAT mills. Whether you’re in the market for brand-new and/or used boring equipment, we have the financing options to accommodate your needs. Reach out to one of our staff members who will be happy to help steer you towards the perfect solution!



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