Enhancing The Production of Boring Mills

Enhancing The Production of Boring Mills

Boring Mills are fascinating pieces of equipment and are specially designed and engineered to precisely cut parts or components for high-quality finished products. They are equipped with highly reliable tools to work on the most crucial and demanding operations in a manufacturing line. These milling machines are extensively used across industries and most machine shops have them in one type or another to work on their operations. 


How can you enhance production?

If you have been working on projects, you would rather not waste time constantly setting and resetting workpieces. When you are machining a workpiece, you want to get the other ready for a quick exchange to reduce the time for the work. One good way to achieve this is through the use of FERMAT’s automatic pallet changing system that minimizes downtime but maximizes the workspace. This is because the CNC machine operator can easily handle large and heavy workpieces made of iron and steel without the need to interfere with the ongoing machining process. 

Once the first workpiece is done, out it goes, and here comes the second one ready to be machined. Boring Mills implemented with this automatic pallet system achieve higher rates of production without making the machinist bored. It perfectly works with the pallet serving as the CNC rotary table clamping plate on which the part is being machined. During the first step, the pallet is rested on its own slide on a huge bed where it will be loaded with a large workpiece. Next, on a green light, the pallet with the attached workpiece slides off directly towards the CNC rotary slide where it will be transported to the mill for machining. 

The rotary slide then becomes the CNC rotary table with the pallet as its clamping plate. Once done, the pallet slide moves away from the machine and goes back to its original position. The machining process starts while the second pallet is loaded with another workpiece. Once the machining is finished, the pallet slide moves forward to retrieve its pallet with a machined workpiece and slides back to its resting place. Boring Mills equipped with this highly efficient one-two punch drive production up fast, decreasing downtime to a higher degree while raising profits. 

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