Our Best Horizontal Boring Equipment at TOS America

February 07, 2018

Our Best Horizontal Boring Equipment at TOS America

 As a part of your industrial business, efficiency and durability are both non-negotiable aspects of your production line. There is a constant need for heavy duty machines in many industrial processes, which is why we at TOS America only use the highest-quality horizontal boring equipment available. TOS America Inc. is a great provider of boring mills that cater to your specific industry needs. Our extensive experience in the operations of horizontal boring equipment will give you the assurances you need to know that our products are reliable for your production line.

Our horizontal boring equipment includes a number of extremely useful machines:

  •  WFC 10 CNC - This machine is designed for milling. It does not have a boring spindle, but it is capable of 5,500 rotations per minute, and is ideal for high-speed milling. It has a rapid traverse capacity – 20,000 mm/min on the Y-axis and 30,000 mm/min on the X and Z axes. It has an ideal pressure for metals and aluminum, and the table can hold up to five metric tons.
  • WFT 13 CNC - One of our more high-tech and precise horizontal boring machines, designed with modernity and high-quality. WFT 13 CNC is a horizontal boring machine with a notably precise and high-tech capacity to cut through some of the toughest materials.
  •  WFT 13 R CNC - This machine represents an especially powerful concept for table type boring mills. Its powerful headstock and design enables it to manage work-pieces of up to twenty tons.our boring-related needs. Feel free to contact us to learn more or to find a product that will work for your business!