Features and Applications That Make Vertical Boring Mills Distinct and Ideal

Features and Applications That Make Vertical Boring Mills Distinct and Ideal

While vertical boring mills are not as popular as horizontal mills, there are a variety of situations where vertical boring mills are ideal. While both machines are designed to do essentially the same thing, the key difference lies in how the machine is installed, the way the work piece is positioned on the machine, and the configuration used by the tools. To further understand the operation of vertical boring mills, it is important to take a closer look at what sets them apart.   

Though vertical boring mills may not be as popular, they are still ideal for a number of applications due to their unique features.

Vertical boring mills are known for their most unique features which include:

  • The turret which is placed in a cross rail aid the tools that are not rotating but can be inserted into the mill both vertically and horizontally
  • The mill itself is able to handle work pieces too large or heavy for a horizontal mill
  • The work piece is held in place on a table positioned horizontally while it spins around its vertical axis
  • The side head of the machine can be positioned both horizontally and vertically

Vertical boring mills can be used in many situations. But they are ideal and widely useful in applications such as:

  • Machine locomotive tires
  • Machine tool tables
  • Water turbine runners
  • Large pipe flanges
  • Turbine casings
  • Ring gear blanks

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