FERMAT - Machinery That Will Have You Machining for Years to Come

FERMAT - Machinery That Will Have You Machining for Years to Come
Boring milling machines – an integral piece in the daily operations of any fabricating and processing company. As your day-to-day workhorses, they need to be in excellent shape. 

Fortunately, the manufacturing process for FERMAT machines adhere to exceptional and consistent results, guaranteeing long-term performance with minimal maintenance. 


Here are four compelling reasons why a FERMAT machine is the best investment your business can make:
1) High Manufacturing Standards
The European manufacturer of vertical and horizontal boring milling machines, FERMAT, sets the modern day standard for material processing equipment manufacturing. Sourcing only the best raw materials and designing, engineering, and manufacturing units with careful precision and high accuracy, FERMAT machines guarantee maximal efficiency with the lowest possible risk of wear and tear in your daily operations.
2) Capable of Handling High-Volume Tasks
FERMAT boring milling machines are known to handle high volumes of boring, drilling, milling, and other material processing for your business endeavors. With nominal risks of wearing out parts and fittings over time, due to the admirable and high-quality feats of design and engineering, you have little to no worries when using FERMAT machines to meet deadlines.
3) Exceptional Capability
FERMAT’s WFC 10 CNC might be the smallest boring machine from the manufacturer but it can handle any volume of material weighing < 3,000kg. Additionally, the WFC 15 CNC table-type horizontal boring mill can process the densest materials your clients may need with incurring minimal equipment wear after use. With FERMAT machines, you unlock the full potential of your business.
4) Long-Term Dependability
Because of their high quality manufacturing and design, FERMAT machines are renowned for being able to last for decades. To make sure you maximise their lifespan and performance, make sure you work with reputable and knowledgeable FERMAT specialist technicians such as ours from TOS America. In doing so, we can help you nip small problems that can be fatal to your FERMAT machine in the future.
Get a FERMAT Unit From The Most Trusted Suppliers Today!
TOS America is a FERMAT machine specialist and distributor in Canada. We exclusively import FERMAT units from the Czech Republic. If you’d like to know how to own your unit, contact us to get started! 

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