Four Simple Ways to Improve Your Boring Mill Productivity

Milling, threading, drilling, boring and prismatic component creation are functions best executed when your boring mill is equipped. With modern technology capitalizing on adding the productive power of traditional machining, there is a need to embrace and employ a multi-faced approach to boring milling machines, and their functional capability. Here are five tips to help you boost the productivity of your boring machine.


Control unit upgrade

A boring milling machine operates on the principle of systemized process control. In case your boring equipment operates with traditional machine control technology, you might need to acquire a new CNC control system. This not only brings it to life, but also quickens the speed at which your processes and data is executed.

Increase rotary table size

Traditionally, most boring milling machines come with small sized rotary tables. This makes navigation and process controls constrained and at times slow. By having a large rotary table, your mill is best equipped to handle larger and more complex tasks with ease, while increasing the tolerance levels for holding the materials being worked on. 

Install an Automated Head Changer

The use of Automated Head Changers has revolutionized the way modern CNC machines operate. First, it improves the speed at which operations are executed from a centralized chain of command, and then increases manipulability of CNC system. The swifter Automated Head Changer option makes a single milling machine capable of handling multiple functions such as milling, reaming, threading and boring interchangeably. 

Process programming

With most modern boring machines equipped with articulate CNC control panels, you can always re-program them by feeding swifter instructions onboard. One key to improving your performance is the use of various Designs for Manufacturability technique (DFM) where your overall output is greatly improved.


Additional options might include deploying on-machine probing as well as increasing tooling capability. At TOS America, we offer an extensive product range that includes horizontal boring equipment and vertical floor type boring mills. Unsure of what specific boring milling machine is right for you? One of our representatives would be happy to chat with you, call us today at 905-876-0890!


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