Get To Know Your Boring Milling Machines

Get To Know Your Boring Milling Machines

If you are interested in boring milling machines, this is the blog for you. If you already own one, this blog is also for you. By the end of this page, you’ll be much more familiar with boring machines and their various uses. With this guide, you can make future purchases and decisions with ease.


Since the invention of boring machines in 1775, the technology has not stopped growing machines have become increasingly robust, efficient, and diverse in their functions. Today’s boring milling machines not only bore holes and mill materials but can also ream or smoothen a metal work piece at the same time.

To better understand the use of boring mill machines, we must first understand the basics. A boring machine enlarges a hole that has already been made in a material by another tool, such as a drill. The reason we use boring machines (instead of just drills of various sizes) is that they are more precise and efficient.


Here’s how this process works:

Step 1: Drilling Cuts a Hole

A drill bit or a rotating cutting tool is used to cut a hole in a solid material, such as metal. The result is a hole with a rough edge and surface.

Step 2: Boring Enlarges the Hole

A cutting tool or a boring bar enlarges the drilled hole to form circular plunge cuts. This creates a more specific and accurate diameter of the hole.

Step 3: Reaming Smoothens the Hole

After the boring process, the reaming process uses an edge cutting tool to polish the metal workpiece. This gives it a shiny, finished look. The final product is now ready.


Boring milling machines perform all these processes accurately and quickly. Today’s boring mill machines not only cuts on the end of the bit but also on the sides of the rotating milling cutter, making it more functional. Furthermore, multi-axis boring machines add more functionality. These machines can work on any metal workpiece. either vertically or horizontally.

TOS America is the proud distributor of high-quality Fermat boring mill machines across Canada. Our machines are not only known for their functionality but also their longevity. Whatever your boring needs, TOS America is always ready to provide the right boring milling machine for you.



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