Getting The Right Vertical Boring Mill For Your Application

Getting The Right Vertical Boring Mill For Your Application

Different boring milling solutions are created to meet various requirements. While vertical boring mills are not as widespread as their horizontal counterparts, there are plenty of applications where they are the more ideal and practical alternative. The task they do usually requires heavier feeds and speeds and their use allows for creating holes with the precision demanded in multiple fabrication projects. 

Vertical boring mills have a cutting tool that is stationary but with a rotational horizontal table. The holes that they can bore depends on the size of the tool head being utilized and ranges from 30cm in diameter up to 1m and are ideal for heavy-duty projects with challenging diameter requirements. The cuttings are usually performed with single-point tools. Vital to the quality of holes you can bore is determining what best fits your need for boring mills. 

The following are some factors that can help you select the right boring machine for your application:


Vertical boring machines are classified into two major types: the table type and floor type. The table type is perfect to bore small to medium-sized holes while the floor type is ideal for bigger sized holes. The versatility gives you much more autonomy in your projects!


The machine’s automatic feature is great for attaining higher levels of efficiency and the accuracy of the boring machine. The Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) vertical boring mills, for example, provide high precision holes with identical size and shape which can prove to be extremely helpful.


When it comes to boosting the machine’s performance, equipping it with the right accessories and parts is very crucial. So, ensure that your supplier has spare parts available even on short notice, which is critical whenever modifications are necessary for drilling, milling, and threading purposes. 

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