Getting the Right Vertical Boring Mills

Getting the Right Vertical Boring Mills

Various boring machines and solutions are created to meet the needs of different applications. While vertical boring mills are not as popular as their horizontal counterparts, there are a broad range of applications where they remain more ideal and practical. The tasks they perform require heavier feeds and speeds. Their utilization enables the creation of holes with high precision demanded in various fabrication processes. Aside from the versatile and precise nature of a vertical boring machine, vertical boring mills are also incredibly stable, not needing counterbalances for oddly-shaped workpieces.


Today, we provide a brief overview of vertical boring mills.


When compared with other machines, vertical boring mills may look similar to vertical turret lathes because of its two major tool heads. The machine’s cutting components remain fixed but come with a rotational horizontal table. The holes that the machine can bore depends on the specific size of the tool head used. It ranges from at least 30 cm in diameter up to one meter. The mills are great for heavy duty projects with difficult diameter requirements. It is important to use only the right kind of boring machine for your specific applications. Using the wrong type of machine can result in a total lack of precision and even damage to the workpiece.  


There are some key factors that can help guide you in choosing the right boring machine for your applications. One is the type of the machine. Vertical boring mills are classified into two primary types - the table and floor type. The floor type is ideal for boring small to medium sized holes. Another important factor is automation, which helps accomplish higher levels of efficiency and accuracy. CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) boring mills are able to produce high precision holes with identical size and shape. The last factor to consider is accessories, since having the right parts and accessories are key to the success of an entire boring operation.


Make sure to consult with your sales representative closely before making your final decision as such machines are a big investment. Contact us at TOS America today for more information.


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